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Book publisher, writer, editor. Most recent books: veterans' anthology, Jonestown memoir, account of innovative international education.
Retired USAF Colonel, Latina, Poet, Writer, and Higher Education professional
I am Christo Brand's business partner, the man who was Nelson Mandela's prison guard and friend. We are publishing a second edition of Christo's book with Blue Ear Books, and also writing my own book for publishing in 2022.
Author Soul of a Citizen and The Impossible Will Take a Little While. Founder emeritus Campus Election Engagement Project
retired attorney, fighter pilot and Vietnam veteran.
BEB author of What They Signed Up For: True Stories by Ordinary Soldiers.
Author of "When Tribesmen Came Calling". Opinion columnist.
Musician and author Dennis Rea’s work bridges musical traditions from around the globe. He has performed widely on three continents, has appeared on nearly 50 recordings, and is author of Live at the Forbidden City and Tuva and Busted.
David A. Grantham, Ph.D. is an Air Force veteran and thought leader in areas of intelligence and international affairs. He the author of Consequences: An Intelligence Officer’s War. He resides in North Texas with his family.